Cheap E Hookah pens $3.59 per pen SHIPPED!

Look on any marketplace, website, or corner store. I can guarantee you that you will not find e hookah pens for $3.59. Or not even close to $3.59 as a matter of fact. They generally cost $8.00+. Let’s face it, even if you find a really good deal, you’ll likely be paying at least $5.00 and that’s a buddy discount that you won’t get anywhere else. Even if you wholesale hookah pens, you may not get that price.

Okay, so for this price, you have to make the assumption that the pens are cheap and don’t work as well as the more expensive ones. I’m not going to lie, I made that assumption too. But what dictates whether an e hookah pen is just plain cheap or if it’s a low costing pen? One way is by looking at the description to see how much the pen holds. For these pens, they hold up to 800 puffs. What does that tell us? It tells us that there’s a stronger battery in there. So, for you’re not really getting cheaped out on anything else. Still a great pen and well above average.

Follow the link below for cheap e hookah pens:

You can get 5 flavors. These flavors are pretty generic, but preferred by many anyway, so I can’t complain. The flavor is great and has been lasting for quite some time for me. Oh did I mention, the shipping is free!

cheapest e hookah price 800 puff free shipping


Where To Buy E Hookah Pens For Cheap?

There are a ton of places where you can purchase e hookah pens, even at your local stores. However, as savvy shoppers, we want to find the best prices for the best products. Since E Hookahs are still pretty new to most of us, how do we know what’s the best? We can differentiate the better pens from the rest by the “puff count” of each pen. Having 800 puff is the standard that you should be looking for. 

So, in stores you can pay up to $15.00 per pen and in most places online, they’re close the same price or may be a little cheaper.

Here’s a link to a deal that you can’t refuse. You will be paying about $4.00 per 800 puff pen!

E Hookah Cheap Deal – Free Shipping Included (5 Flavors Available)

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Can I Use E Hookah Pens If I’m Not A Smoker?

Here’s a question that some of you may ask if you’re still new to the world of e hookah. The simple answer is “yes”, E Hookah pens are indeed safe for you to use regardless of whether or not you’re a smoker.

An e hookah pen contains a fruit juice which is vaporized. There is no nicotine in these pens and there is no harm in inhaling this vaporized fruit juice. They are typically made with water and organic ingredients. 

In any case, you should never opt in for a pen that contains nicotine unless you’re a smoker. offers a variety of e hookah or e shisha pens that do NOT contain any nicotine.

E Hookah E Shisha Pens




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