Found A Link To Free E Hookah Pens!

If any of you is interested in a free sample e hookah pen, there’s a link provided below for it. I know that a lot of times when you sign up for samples, they don’t come in and you end up completely forgetting about it. However, I did mine about 3 weeks ago, and I received my free e hookah pen today!

Please also keep in mind that in order to get the free e hookah pen, you need to reblog one of their posts at least twice. I’m not sure if more reblog’s/shares will do you any good but it doesn’t hurt to try. Also bear in mind that you need to be 18+ in order to receive your free e hookah pen.

This is especially good if you want to try the e hookah pen out prior to making a purchase. It’s free! No CC information asked for.

Limited 1 per household.

**See how everybody else is getting their free e hookah now!